Welcome to sugar & spice bakery! We offer several different flavors of cupcakes! There’s a cupcake for every season, holiday, and special occasion. Our flavors and designs are unique, fun, and delicious! We also offer a variety of other sweet treats like chocolate dipped pretzel rods, muffins, cookies, and more! Orders are placed through call, text, Facebook messenger, or email. Check out our menu and discover everything we have to offer!


  • Sugar & Spice Cupcakes is now booking for the 2021-2022 wedding season! Schedule a tasting for only $10/per person!
  • A variety of different dessert breads have just been added to the menu!


  • “AMAZING cupcakes! Have had them three different times and have not been disappointed once. She has many different flavors to pick from and they are at an affordable price. Can’t wait to order more!” -Sydney S.

    “You did my graduation party cupcakes! They were so cute and so delicious, everyone loved them and said they were the best they have ever tasted!!” -Katelyn U.

    “Our cupcakes were awesome!!” -Beth F.

    “BEST CUPCAKES EVER! They cure any craving for cups of cake on the east side of the Mississippi…” -Tyler V.

    “Maple bacon. Yum yum yum!!!!! I look forward to trying more. I love the variety!” -Christina L.