classic cupcake flavors:




red velvet




(Mix and match any classic cake flavor with any classic frosting)

classic frosting flavors:





cream cheese


salted caramel pretzel: a chocolate cupcake with salted caramel frosting and caramel drizzle, topped with a pretzel

cookies and cream: chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting mixed with cookie crumbs, topped with an Oreo cookie

snickerschocolate cupcake with peanuts and a caramel filling, topped with a peanut butter frosting, a snickers bar and drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce

strawberry cheesecake: vanilla (or strawberry) cupcake with strawberry cream cheese frosting, a cream cheese filling, topped with fresh strawberry slices, and sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs

chocolate chip cookie dough: vanilla (or chocolate) cupcake with an edible cookie dough center, topped with an edible cookie dough frosting and a mini chocolate chip cookie

buckeye: chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate frosting and peanut butter buttercream, garnished with a mint leaf to look like a real buckeye

chocolate covered strawberry: chocolate cupcake topped with strawberry frosting and a fresh chocolate covered strawberry

s’mores: chocolate cupcake with marshmallow frosting, topped with a piece of graham cracker and a Hershey’s chocolate bar square

peanut butter & jelly: vanilla cupcake filled with peanut butter and jelly, topped with a peanut butter frosting and a spoonful of jelly in the middle

chocolate peanut butter cup: chocolate cupcake with a peanut butter cup baked inside, topped with peanut butter frosting and a mini Reese’s cup

chocolate mint: chocolate mint cupcake topped with a mint frosting and an Andes mint chocolate candy

peanut butter banana: banana cupcake topped with a peanut butter buttercream frosting and 2 banana chips

salted caramel popcorn: chocolate cupcake with a salted caramel frosting, topped with caramel drizzle and pieces of caramel popcorn

chocolate banana: banana chocolate chip cupcake, topped with a cream cheese frosting and 2 banana chips, sprinkled with mini chocolate chips

fruity pebbles: a vanilla cupcake with fruity pebbles pieces mixed in, topped with a vanilla buttercream and sprinkled with fruity pebbles

lucky charms: vanilla cupcake with lucky charms baked in, topped with a pale green mint frosting (optional: substitute mint frosting with vanilla frosting), and sprinkled with lucky charms cereal pieces

pancake: pancake cupcake with a maple buttercream frosting, topped with a mini pancake and maple syrup drizzle

maple bacon: brown sugar, maple, and bacon cupcake topped with maple frosting, maple syrup drizzle, and garnished with a small piece of cooked bacon

fruit loops: orange cupcake with crushed fruit loops baked in, topped with vanilla buttercream and fruit loops cereal

peppermint mocha: chocolate cupcake flavored with peppermint and coffee, topped with peppermint vanilla frosting, crushed candy cane bits, and a chocolate drizzle

double chocolate: Devil’s food cake with chocolate chips baked in, topped with a chocolate frosting and sprinkled with mini chocolate chips

wedding cake: vanilla almond cupcake with vanilla frosting, sprinkled with white nonpareils

lemon raspberry: lemon cupcake with raspberry frosting and topped with a fresh raspberry

rocky road: chocolate cupcake filled with marshmallow cream, topped with a rich chocolate frosting, marshmallows and almonds

samoa: chocolate cupcake topped with a caramel frosting, a coconut caramel topping, and drizzled with chocolate sauce

strawberry nutella: vanilla (or strawberry) cupcake filled with nutella, topped with a strawberry (or vanilla) frosting

biscoff cookie: biscoff cookie cupcake with a biscoff cookie butter spread filling, topped with biscoff cookie frosting, and a biscoff cookie


chocolate chip cookie: 6″ vanilla chocolate chip cake, covered in vanilla buttercream and lined with a layer of mini chocolate chips around the bottom, topped with a chocolate ganache drip, vanilla buttercream swirls, and chocolate chip cookies (comes in 2 or 3 layers)

reese’s peanut butter: 6″ chocolate cake with reese’s cups baked into the cake, covered in a peanut butter buttercream, topped with a chocolate ganache drip, peanut butter buttercream swirls, and reese’s cup halves (comes in 2 or 3 layers)

the happy birthday: 6″ vanilla funfetti cake, covered in cake batter buttercream and lined with a layer of rainbow sprinkles around the bottom, topped with a white chocolate ganache drip (can customize the color), cake batter buttercream swirls, and rainbow sprinkles (comes in 2 or 3 layers)

chocolate covered strawberry: 6″ chocolate cake with strawberry preserves and strawberry buttercream in between the layers, covered in strawberry buttercream, topped with a pink white chocolate ganache drip, chocolate covered strawberries, and strawberry buttercream swirls (comes in 2 or 3 layers)

pina colada: 6″ vanilla pineapple cake with pineapple preserves in between the layers, covered with coconut buttercream and shredded coconut, topped with fresh pineapple, maraschino cherries, mini umbrellas, tropical straws, and coconut buttercream swirls (comes in 2 or 3 layers)

chocolate lovers: 6″ chocolate cake, covered in chocolate buttercream, topped with a chocolate ganache drip, chocolate buttercream swirls, chocolate sprinkles, and chocolate shavings (comes in 2 or 3 layers)


chocolate chip

M & M


oatmeal raisin

mint chocolate chip

cake batter

peanut butter


spiced chai

chocolate chai

lemon lavender





 chocolate chip

banana nut



lemon poppyseed

dipped pretzel rods:

plain milk or white chocolate

chocolate with crushed oreos

chocolate with mini m&m’s

chocolate with sprinkles

chocolate with peanuts

chocolate with peppermint candy

chocolate salted caramel


banana bread

pumpkin bread

peach bread

lemon blueberry bread

chocolate chip peanut butter bread

charcuterie boards:

grazing boards:

choose from a variety of different cheeses, meats, fruits, veggies, dips/jams, breads/crackers, etc.

brunch boards:

choose from a variety of breakfast items – Belgian waffle slices, mini pancakes, fruits, jams/honey, breads, bagels, pastries, etc.

date night board:

a variety of cheeses, crackers, meats & fruits; with popcorn, twizzlers, milk chocolate, and 2 mini bottles of prosecco

dessert board:

a variety of chocolate, cookies, fruits, and candy

s’mores board (+$5): graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, raspberries, peanut butter, nutella

holidays & special occasions

New Years

Valentine’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day



Fourth of July






Bridal Shower

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Sporting Events

Baby Shower

Gender Reveal

….and more!